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Saturday, October 13, 2012

o'666 - " is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."


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Obamacare, Wall Street, RFID Chips and 666

March 5, 2012. New York.
     Radio Frequency Identification – RFID.  There's a strange convergence occurring in America today that is more than lending itself to millennia-old conspiracy theories that say a handful of evil men are going to take over the world and usher in the second coming of Christ.  What could cause religious leaders, Wall Street executives, the US federal government and healthcare providers nationwide to unite under one single, well-defined goal?  As crazy as it sounds, some think the answer is the Mark of the Beast.
Micro RFID Chip shown on finger tip
     Modern RFID chip.  The chip only stores a person's identity. RFID scanners report all movement and interaction with other RFID chips to a central computer, where all transactions are made and data is stored and analyzed.
     There's a new world on the doorstep of humanity that will revolutionize life as we know it.  It's called the RFID chip and it's already here.
     Two decades ago, Dr. Carl W. Sanders blew the lid off a multi-pronged effort to develop a microchip, not for any electronics device, but for a human being.  As a lead engineer and consultant to corporations like IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyne, Dr. Sanders had spent most of his life on the cutting-edge of microchip technology.
     As Sanders tells NEXUS Magazine in 1994, "Thirty-two years of my life was spent in design engineering and electronics – designing microchips in the bio-med field.  In 1968, I became involved almost by accident, in a research and development project in regard to a spinal bypass for a young lady who had severed her spine.  They were looking at possibly being able to connect motor nerves."
     Dr. Sanders went on to explain, "There were one hundred people involved and I was senior engineer in charge of the project.  The project culminated in the microchip that we talk about now – a microchip that I believe is going to be the positive identification and the Mark of the Beast."  At one point toward the end of the doctor's efforts, he describes, "We noticed that the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior and so we began to branch off and look possibly at behavior modification."
     Sanders explains further saying, "One of the projects was called the Phoenix Project which had to do with Vietnam veterans.  This chip would actually cause extra adrenaline flow.  I was in one meeting where it was discussed, 'how can you control a people if you cannot identify them'?"
M.A.R.C (of the) B.E.A.S.T.
     Back in the late 1980's, a number of underground pamphlets warning of the coming of the anti-Christ were being widely distributed among America's various underground political and religious movements.  Members of the religious community had reportedly crossed paths with government whistleblowers and the result was the MARC and the BEAST.
     MARC allegedly stood for, 'Multi-Area Readout Chip', while BEAST allegedly stood for, 'Battle Engine Area Simulation Technology'.  The two components were relics of the 1970's that were being accused of creating the system and methodology for ushering in Armageddon.   In theory, the MARC would be a microchip implanted into every American citizen, followed by every global citizen, while the BEAST was the super-computer that read and processed the massive amount of data.
Start with pets
     In 1993, a well-executed PR campaign was launched across America's mainstream media touting the latest technology to aid pet owners.  The blockbuster advancement was a tiny microchip that could be implanted into every pet in the US. If or when an animal is lost, simply scanning for the microchip would lead to an instant location and recovery of the much beloved pet.  The idea spread like wildfire.
     In one article from a local paper called the Prescott Courier dated July 8, 1993, the article describes the process by which the local town veterinarian is implanting microchips into area pets.  The 1993 article announces, 'Star Wars for pets has arrived in Prescott'.  The report goes on to quote Dr. Elaine Chambers confirming that 'more than a million animals in the United States have had the microchips implanted since 1991'.  Keep in mind, the article is from July 1993.
Walmart and Procter & Gamble
     While the above was going on, a parallel advancement was occurring on Wall Street. RFID chips, the size of a grain of rice, could revolutionize the entire way Americans shop, pay and conduct everyday business.  The chips also had the potential to provide brands and their corporate owners more consumer information than they could ever dream. Retailers discovered they could lay off practically their entire workforce and still function.
     During those early days, not many understood the concept of RFID technology, what it meant to the world of business and what the very near future would look like.
     The two largest corporations in America's manufacturing and retailing industries had understood.  Together, Walmart, Procter & Gamble and a half dozen hand-selected corporations embarked on what they called the first phase of the coming transition to RFID technology.  At the time, Walmart warned its suppliers that they would only have a couple years to adapt to the technology or be excluded from the world's largest retailer.
     What those corporations envision is a new world, unimaginable to most Americans. Here is a brief run-down of what the typical citizen can expect.
RFID practices of today
  • Shopping.  Imagine walking into your local store, any store, and there are no employees.  Every single product in the store has a small RFID chip embedded into it.  Every movement of every product, including the shopper, is transmitted by the RFID chip, through the scanner, into an off-sight computer.  Stores and brands will know if their product was picked up, looked at and put back.  They'll know if their item was left at the register as the result of a last-minute change of heart.  They'll know when one of their items falls behind a counter or is on the floor.
     And they'll follow those products all the way to your house where they'll watch and record your every interaction with those products to get a better understanding of your habits.  Current laws force corporations to stop monitoring shoppers via the chips the instant the products leave the store.  How well brands and the information-hungry agencies are adhering to the laws is unknown.
  • When you walk out of the store, the RFID scanner mounted above the exit will automatically scan all your items and your personal RFID chip and deduct the charges from your assigned bank account.  Without lines, employees or transactions, the shopping experience is much cheaper, quicker and more convenient.
  • Inventory. As each item leaves the store, the retailer's computer will deduct it from the shelf count.  When the shelf runs low, the computer will automatically order more product from the manufacturer's computer.  Delivered and placed with authoritarian precision, robots retrieve the new product and restock the shelves.  The computer also knows when a product expires.  With the guidance of the RFID chip, the computer can retrieve the spoiled merchandise and remove it from the shelves.  In reality, every major online retailer already uses these robots and technology in their warehouses.
  • Your own personal RFID chip.  Most of you already have one.  It is already embedded in your credit cards and cell phones.  [and, passports - rfh] Some states are trying to put them into drivers licenses.  Pay attention for local news articles about shoppers being charged for items they didn't buy simply because their wallet or purse was too close to the store's scanner.  Criminals are also well aware of the shift in technology.  They simply walk past a person with a hand-held RFID scanner, scanning fraudulent purchases on every credit card with a chip.  The fact is, both occurrences are happening and they're happening everyday.
RFID practices of tomorrow
  • Regardless of how many bank accounts or credit lines you have, they will all be processed through your own personalized RFID chip.  You have the freedom of setting up your payment methods, frequencies and limits as you choose.  But every purchase goes through the chip.
  • Forget a national ID card for voting, driving or personal identification.  Your RFID chip is your national ID.
  • Currently, chips are only embedded into pets, credit cards, cell phones, retail products and voluntary people.  When the one, government-sanctioned chip is officially assigned, it will either be put in a card and required to be carried at all times, or be embedded into a body part.
     In a surprise twist, the Obama administration has embarked on a policy that merges both paths the technology has taken.  With the signing into law of a national healthcare program, President Obama created the framework for what could be one, government-mandated, RFID chip for every American citizen.
     The root of many critics' outcries lies in the specific wording of the Obamacare law.  A 2010 documentary from the religious right raises concerns saying, 'The portion of the law pertaining to eligibility (if you're covered and how you prove that you are covered) is now found on page 30.  It was on page 62 of HR3590, and reads: …in a manner ensuring that such operating rules are effective no later than Jan 1, 2013, and may allow for the use of a machine readable identification card'.  Opponents fear the national medical ID card will actually be a national ID chip embedded into a useless, but socially acceptable plastic card.
Dr. Laurie Roth
     One prominent critic of the government's plans for RFID chips is Dr. Laurie Roth.  Roth is a former PBS producer and currently the host of her own program – The Roth Show.  Two weeks ago, Dr. Roth put out a statement condemning the merger of the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act and the gradual implementation of President Obama's national healthcare program.
     In her statement, the doctor warns, "Obamacare – HR 3200 is unfolding its carnage now – forced RFID chips."  Roth draws the obvious correlation between the above-described current practices already in use by corporate giants Walmart and P&G, and merges it with the Obamacare dilemma of assigning a national patient identification number.
     Dr. Roth goes on to explain the key correlation, "This RFID chip, control scheme hides behind all the practical issues and terms; patient identification, health information to hold medical data, do patient surveys and hold records and billing information."
The Bible
     A hesitant fear about the RFID chip, its capabilities and the government's plan for it is slowly and quietly sweeping the nation.  Once a mere conspiracy theory among Christian fundamentalists and anti-government rebels, the idea of the RFID chip being the historic 'Mark of the Beast' is now raising its head in more and more circles, but nowhere more so than America's religious communities.
From the Catholic Bible
     Apocalypse 13:16-18 – 'And it will cause all, the small and the great and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, to have a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and it will bring it about that no one may be able to buy or sell, except him who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of its name.  Here is wisdom.  He who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; and its number is six hundred and sixty-six.'
From the King James Version
     Revelation 13:16-18 – 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.'
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