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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life v death - LifeNews (Tu.28Jun11) Pro-Life News Report
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit
Current Headlines
Top Stories
• Abortion Business Closes in Kansas, Another May Join It

• Indiana Appeals Decision Against Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law

New Hampshire Scraps $1.8M in Planned Parenthood Tax Funding
• United Way in Wisconsin Refers Raped Teens to Planned Parenthood

More Pro-Life News• Pro-Lifers Want Cigarette-Style Warning Labels for Abortions
Bachmann Hits Romney Again for Not Signing Pro-Life Pledge
• Huntsman Confirms Opposition to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

• Teen From Virginia Wins National Right to Life Oratory Contest
• Ohio House Passes Ban on Abortions, Late-Term Abortions
• Court Affirms Human Life Begins at Conception in Indiana Case
• Judge: Man Must Remove Billboard on Ex-Girlfriend’s Abortion
• The Human Face of One Woman Deceived by the Abortion Industry
• NCouncil of Europe Addressing Sex-Selection Abortion Problem

-----> relies on your support to make pro-life news free and available to hundreds of thousands of people every week. You can send a donation to us at, PO Box 270841, Fort Collins, CO 80527. You can send an online gift to us by going to

o'bamanomics - "Washington's Road to Financial Perdition" (captioned audio, 36m36s)

The following is an "infomercial" that contains facts and informative opinions on America's financial future.  Worth a listen to get insights on your/our potential money problems. -- rfh
Listen to A Gripping Newsmax Investigative Report at: (36m36s)
A beloved Nobel Prize winning economist and trusted adviser to President Ronald Reagan, has exposed the dangerous dealings between the White House, Federal Reserve and influential special interests . . .  You can read also read the article at:

o'mobacrat - Beck's Family Attacked in NYC Park!

Glenn Beck's Wife Attacked in NYC Park, Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 05:46 PM By Hiram Reisner at
     Glenn Beck says his family was accosted while watching a movie in a New York City park Monday night.  On his radio show and his website today, Beck described the incident and said an angry moviegoer kicked a glass of wine onto his wife Tania's back, and as she got up to walk away, a man shouted: "We hate conservatives here." 
     "We didn't leave.  My staff this morning said: 'Why didn't you leave right away.'  That was uncomfortable," Beck said, as he described the incident, which occurred while he and his family were watching a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" in New York's Bryant Park.  "I said because I have a right to watch a movie and enjoy a movie with my family in the park.  I have a right."  Beck said while he doesn't expect "a warm welcome in New York City," what bothered him "was the cowardly behavior of the hateful crowd," he wrote on his website,
     "Courage doesn't come from a bag or a bottle — courage doesn't come in mobs," Beck said. "Courage comes alone, quietly.  You won't be drunk and you won't be in a mob at the ultimate test of courage. You will be alone.
     "It's mob mentality," he said.  "People are braver when it's in a bag or a bottle, and when they're in the majority.  All I can think of about the people around me all night is that I feel sorry for you — I really feel sorry for you.
     "You are so arrogant and so convinced that you are absolutely 100 percent right and you are helping build a system that is fueled by hate.
     "I swear to you I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, 'Wow, does anybody have a rope?  Because there's tree here.  You could just lynch me.'  And I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have."
© Newsmax. All rights reserved.  Read more on Glenn Beck's Wife Attacked in NYC Park  Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

It's only a matter of time when o'bamamobs expand their wilding against not just conservatives ...but all not-of-their-stripe and attack anyone who disagrees with their 'Rise of the State' mentality.  Jews in Congress should be especially watchful and wary, for us all, their own having suffered in the last generation under 'street thuggery' and State fermented atrocities.  Be warned, arrogance in the White House will breed more 'un-washed have-nots' street violence.   His encouragement of domestic violence in the Mid-East and of domestic 'spontaneous' unions and mobocrat rage as in Wisconsin will only worsen in its vehemence and physical intimidation as 'nanny-state entitlement expectations' grow into 2012.  Prepare to hunker-down if o'who? is reelected.  I suspect it'll be more than oil companies that'll have the o'bamaboot on their throats. -- rfh
Forgotten Past+Founding Documents eBooks+Federalist Papers+American Minute History+Essential: B.C. to Now Quotes+American Values
 Magna Carta:TimeLine Arbroath Declaration small speaker icon Scots Wha Hae History of: The US Bill of Rights Founders'+Constitution+Amendments

Kellogg's Rice Krispies 'class action settlement' between 06/01/2009 & 03/01/2010 may be entitled to up to $15

From: dd Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Subject: Those of you have purchased Kellogg's Rice Krispies between 06/01/2009 & 03/01/2010 may be entitled to up to $15
     Those of you have purchased Kellogg's Rice Krispies between 06/01/2009 & 03/01/2010 may be entitled to up to $15 in response to a class action settlement.
     The settlement is in response to a lawsuit over Kellogg's – in terms that they falsely advertised that Rice Krispies supported a persons immunity system despite evidence that claims that it did not.
     Kellogg's denies any wrongdoing and stands by it's advertising; the Court did not make a decision over who was right in this lawsuit – as such, a class action claim form is available and those who believe to have purchased the product can fill out a Kellogg's Rice Krispies Class Action claim form HERE.

2nd Amendment - Invitation: Gun Rights Policy Conference (

From: kaba_alerts Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Subject: Gun Rights Policy Conference Invitation logo

Dear Fellow Gun Rights Activist,
     I would like to personally invite you to our 26th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC), which will be taking place September 23, 24, and 25, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency Chicago O'Hare Airport hotel.
     With the new battles over individual rights in the age of terrorism, attacks on our gun rights from the UN as well as a number of Second Amendment cases in the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court McDonald decision. The theme of It's About Freedom is most important as we set the pro-gun rights agenda for the year to come.
     This year GRPC will be action-packed. With over 50 speakers hand-picked from the leadership of the Gun Rights Movement, the topics to be presented promise to have an impact that will help direct the path of our cause for years to come. Invited speakers this year include: myself, Joe Tartaro, Alan Gura, Otis McDonald, John Lott, Massad Ayoob, David Kopel, John Snyder, as well as staff from the Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation,, and Gun Owners of America. A number of elected political leaders have been invited as well.
     As in the past, the Second Amendment Foundation will not only pick up the tab for lunch and snacks, but will also provide more than $125 worth of vital pro-gun rights materials to each attendee.
     In addition to the luncheon and free materials, you will have the opportunity to chat with the speakers at the two evening NSSF and ISRA (Illinois Stae Rifle Association) planned receptions.
     This event is so important to our cause, that the SAF Board of Trustees has elected to help underwrite the entire cost of the event. Your cost to attend this event is absolutely free!
     Because of the number of people who travel every year to attend this event, I have negotiated a special discount room rate for GRPC attendees. Reservations for the special discounted room rate of $112 per night can be made by calling 1-800-233-1234, and telling them you are planning on attending the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation.
     If you have any questions, please call the SAF office at (425) 454-7012 to register. You can also register online at our
GRPC Registration & Information Page, or send an e-mail to, or fax us at 425-451-3959.
Sincerely yours,
Alan Gottlieb's signature
Alan M. Gottlieb, Founder, Second Amendment Foundation
Voice: 425-454-7012
Toll Free: 800-426-4302
FAX: 425-451-3959
< Please e-mail, distribute, and circulate to friends and family >
Copyright © 2011 Second Amendment Foundation, All Rights Reserved.
Second Amendment Foundation, James Madison Building, 12500 N.E. Tenth Place, Bellevue, WA 98005

Forgotten Past+Founding Documents eBooks+Federalist Papers+American Minute History+Essential: B.C. to Now Quotes+American Values
 Magna Carta:TimeLine Arbroath Declaration small speaker icon Scots Wha Hae History of: The US Bill of Rights Founders'+Constitution+Amendments

What! Ban our Flag? Make him a 1 term president. VOTE at Fox News.....

He has harbored in an entirely new 'defeatist' lexicon into the American main stream, alienated blacks versus everyone else while further relegating them to suck on the Nanny State teat, he panders to illegal Mexican aliens, he denigrats American Values at every turn here and abroad, he is bankrupting America's values and economy either deliberately or out of stupidity, he is corrupting the work ethic, he is hippity-hopping from city-to-city campaigning on the taxpayers' dime while trying to 'o'fool' another electorate into supporting his anti-American, Marxist socialist, facist, anti-colonialist anti-Western, one-world, class warfare agenda.  Under his "misguided leadership", so far, 600,000+ 'commie pukes', fascist SEIU 'brown shirts', and ignorant o'fools have voted 'yes' to banning The American Flag in schools ... so as not to offend alien foreigners!  What'll be next o'mam's sharia law? -- rfh

From: thy Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 Subject: VOTE NO at Fox News.....
     Go to FOX and vote NO on banning the American flag in America-- VOTE !!!  This is disgusting, to put it mildly.  Your voice needs to be heard.
     This is just sickening.  Only 76.15% have voted on the FOX poll to NOT ban the flag in school and something like 18.0% voted YES, to ban it.  What is going on in this country??
     Fox is running a poll about whether the flag should be banned in schools in order not to inflame Hispanic students.  The poll is being sandbagged by SEIU and we should mount a counter action if you agree with me that the flag should be taken down for no one., funded by George Soros, Organizing for America , and SEIU, "Service Employee International UNION", have been twittering to go to Fox Poll and vote to BAN the American Flag and right now it is still working (18%).
     VOTE.........and then pass it along!

related, The Flag of the U.S.

o'sign - 5 Miles east of Clovis, NM

From: thy Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011  Subject: 5 Miles east of Clovis, NM

It would be nice to keep this going until November 2012....
5 miles east of Clovis , NM   Hwy 60-70-84.
     Please send this to all your friends and ask them to do the same.... We are really going to have to work to limit Obama to one term.  Thanks!

American Exceptionalism - "The Rescue of Roger Locher" (video 8m44s)

American Exceptionalism
From: burd Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Subject: The Rescue of Roger Locher
Take a few moments to listen to this, you will be proud of our military and the exceptionalism then exhibit and the value of life our culture believes in.
This is a great story with a great lesson:

MAVs- Next time you see a bird on a telephone wire ...look again. (video 4m26s)

From: burd Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Subject: This is interesting and amazing.
Next time you see a bird on a telephone line, look again.

o'mam -The Arabs are not Happy.

From: waldo Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Subject:  The Arabs are not Happy
The bottom line: The Arabs aren't happy!
They're not happy in Gaza.
They're not happy in Egypt.
They're not happy in Libya.
They're not happy in Morocco.
They're not happy in Iran.
They're not happy in Iraq.
They're not happy in Yemen.
They're not happy in Afghanistan.
They're not happy in Pakistan.
They're not happy in Syria.
They're not happy in Lebanon.
And where are they happy?
They're happy in England.
They're happy in France.
They're happy in Italy.
They're happy in Germany.
They're happy in Sweden.
They're happy in the USA.
They're happy in Norway.
They're happy in Canada
They're happy in Australia
They're happy in New Zealand
They're happy in every country that is not Muslim.
And who do they blame?
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.

FLOTUS - Opps. No big welcome in South Africa

From: lc Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Subject: Opps No big welcome for FLOTUS in South Africa
This covers what is NOT reported in our leftist media.

Interesting from several, the LONDON telegraph reports on Michelle's non-visit.
Two, Michelle has at least twenty assistants, one of which is protocol and travel.  Wouldn't you think that this visit would be worked out to everyone's availability? You can't just pop in on a country's president and expect him to drop everything and cater to OUR First Lady.  Not our President, but his globetrotting wife who is squeezing everything she can out of being a celebrity .  Read on.....
 Tuesday 21 June 2011
Jacob Zuma snubs Michelle Obama during First Lady's South Africa visit

South Africa President Jacob Zuma has snubbed the visiting Michelle Obama by sending his prisons minister to meet the first lady at the airport and failing to see her during her three-day stay.

Jacob Zuma snubs Michelle Obama during First Lady's South Africa visit
South African officials insisted that Mr Zuma was simply busy Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Aislinn Laing
By Aislinn Laing, Johannesburg
5:22PM BST 21 Jun 2011
     Mr Zuma was out of the country for the first day of Mrs Obama's second solo trip abroad on Tuesday and although he returned on Monday night, aides said he was "not available" to meet her.
     Instead, he arranged for Corrective Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula to greet her on her arrival in Pretoria on Monday night, and one of his three wives, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, to meet her briefly on Tuesday.
     Mrs Obama, her daughters Sasha and Malia and her mother Marian Robinson, were also granted a rare audience with 92-year-old former president Nelson Mandela at his Johannesburg home.
     It was Mrs Obama's first encounter with the global icon, although her husband Barack Obama met him when still a senator on a 2006 Africa tour. Mrs Obama's aides revealed that a mobile phone photograph taken of that meeting now hangs in Mr Mandela's office.
     When Mrs Obama made her first solo trip, to Mexico, she was guest of honour at a state dinner hosted by President Calderón and his wife.
     Her visit to South Africa is aimed at advancing her international youth engagement agenda as well as highlighting Mr Obama's support for "democracy, development and economic opportunities across Africa".
     But it coincides with a cooling in relations between South Africa and the United States. Last week, President Jacob Zuma issued a sharp riposte to an appeal by Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, to African leaders to help remove Libya's Col Muammar Gaddafi.
     "We strongly believe that the (UN Security Council) resolution is being abused for regime change, political assassinations and foreign military occupation," he told parliament the day after Mrs Clinton's speech.
     South African officials insisted that Mr Zuma was simply busy – and Mrs Obama had rejected the offer of a meeting at 9am on Wednesday because she was making a speech in Soweto.
     Zizi Kodwa, Mr Zuma's spokesman, refused to discuss the president's appointments in the coming days, but said his diary was full and could not easily be changed.
     "Even when the president is in South Africa, he is not on holiday and cannot meet anybody at any time," he said. "Why is he not meeting the head of state of an African country who is coming to South Africa? Because he has a schedule." Clayson Monyela, spokesman for South Africa's foreign office, said that since Mrs Obama is not a head of state or cabinet minister, there was no onus on Mr Zuma to meet her.
     "It's totally wrong to suggest this is a snub," he said. "If Mr Zuma or the International Relations minister were in the country they would have met her.   We recognise this is a historic visit and that's why she has been welcomed by senior cabinet ministers." Professor Chris Landsberg, head of the University of Johannesburg's politics department and a guest lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of South Africa's foreign office, said even if it was not a snub, it was a "missed opportunity".
     "There is no doubt there's been some irritation on both sides over Libya and I would have expected them to meet if he was in the country," he said. "It might perhaps have been a chance for Mrs Obama to pass some direct messages from her husband, clarify the position and ease some tensions."

An Invitation - Debate: Sharia Law in Britain at House of Commons 28 June 6-8pm

From: kd Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 Subject:  Urgent Debate: Sharia Law in Britain at House of Commons 28 June 6-8pm
Good idea, lets debate the merits of sharia law, Eric Holder and Oblama at the same time....KD

     One Law for All and the National Secular Society invite you to a debate on the use and practice of sharia law in Britain. This is to be held in a committee room in the House of Commons on Tuesday 28 June 2011 from 18.00-20.00 hours. The event will be chaired by Jim Fitzpatrick MP.
     The focus of the debate is the practice of sharia law under the powers of the Arbitration Act 1996 and whether sharia tribunals should be permitted to hear cases of family and criminal law.
     If you would like to attend please RSVP  For more information, go to

Test Yourself - An Interactive Civics Test (compare against college educators)

I got 78.79% :-)  .bob 
From: baja Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 Subject: Civics Test.
I managed to get 25 out of 33 right on this one..
bcc'd " red diaper babies & RINOSs

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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
     It has been suggested that o'who?, the clown, and 'those who surround him' are not the bumbling fools they appear to be.  Nor are they one of the 'Three Stooges' but rather are shrewd implementation/drivers and fellow-travelers of policies designed to disarm the citizenry & collapse the American economy.  Why?  o'nocchio's grandiose scheme to "fundamentally transform America" is more than simple campaign rhetoric as can be seen by his use of "enabling acts" to circumvent the Constitution of the United States.  As Ollie used to say, "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."



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It's a race against time.

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence." -- Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948)

2nd, Founding, Traditional American Values, & ProLife Quotes:

Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." -- James Madison, The Federalist No. 51, Independent Journal, Wednesday, February 6, 1788
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When Men Were

When Men Were Men - "Scots Wha Hae" Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 Listen to the poem A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots Wha Hae"

Values:   "Scots Wha Hae"  1] poem lyrics..text of "Bruce before Bannockburn" also known as "Scots wha hae", written by Robert Burns
Robert Burns b.1759-d.1796, 8May1794, The Morning Chronicle)  1] "Supposed to be addressed by Bruce to his soldiers before the Battle of Bannockburn against Edward II."
Listen A Speaker GIF Image. to the poem "Scots Wha Hae" read by Doug Robertson [3m55s],  Music by Steve McDonald from 'Bannockburn' [Stone of Destiny]" (.mp3, 3.7MB)
• alternate A Speaker GIF Image. ScotWha2.ram Stream in Real Audio (rm, 3m55s) re [ Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn, Robert I, the Bruce (1274-1329) also know as Robert the Bruce, "The Hammer of the Scots" ] plus A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots, wha hae Wi' Wallace Bled," (midi, Scottish Songs) & .midi sequenced with lyrics [src] ***
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (bagpipes) by the 48th Highlanders of Canada (7MB, .mp3, 3m14s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae, bagpipes solo (1.3MB, .mp3, 1m22s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (2.7MB, .mp3, 3m4s; 'The Corries' ["Battle songs of Scotland", sung by Ronnie Browne solo] & A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae with pipes (4.3MB, .mp3, 4m29s)
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"As a nation we have been asleep for years.  Lulled by affluence and self-indulgent apathy, our collective awareness has grown dim.  This has created an opening for our enemies, one that may ultimately prove fatal.  This is the truth and what we do, or don't do, will determine the consequences, for better or worse.  It is time to decide." --
The Manhattan Declaration

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Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta, ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.
Do me justice, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy; rescue me from the deceitful and unjust man.
- Psalm 43 KJV, 42 Douay Rheims  (

There are certain universal truths.  There is right and wrong.  Life is, choice Isn't.  The 2nd Amendment is for you and me, not the government.

"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness.  And, the weak are always beaten."  ~~ Vladimir Putin

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - George Orwell on a BBC broadcast, April 4, 1942

"An armed society is a polite society." -- Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) American writer

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