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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Santa Ana's Executions : Congressman Davy Crockett (Real American Representative)

The only Texas army left in the field was Col. James Fannin's. It departed Goliad to rescue the Alamo but was surrounded in open ground and captured. Santa Anna ordered all 350 prisoners executed. When the Mexican officer hesitated, Santa Anna sent another officer who carried out the order. Had Fannin's troops been left in prison, Texas would have been disheartened, but instead Santa Anna's cruelty aroused world outrage.

"When a government...becomes an instrument in the hands of evil rulers for their oppression....(it is) the inherent and inalienable right of the people to...take their political affairs into their own secure their welfare and happiness....

The government (of) General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna...demanded us to deliver up our arms, which are essential to our defense- the rightful property of freemen- and formidable only to tyrannical governments... has, through its emissaries, incited the merciless savage, with the tomahawk and scalping knife, to massacre the inhabitants of our defenseless frontiers...

We fearlessly...commit the issue to the...Supreme Arbiter of the destinies of nations."

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o'scamcare - New IRS Agents In Health Care Law

Conservative News Alerts  Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 Subject: Breaking: New IRS Agents In Health Care Law

From:  Sue Lowden, Candidate for Senate (NV)

 Approximately 10 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars will go to the IRS and 16,000 new IRS agents will be tasked to enforce ObamaCare. Please give your attention to this message from Sue Lowden who is seeking to take Harry Reid's job.

From time to time, we receive opportunities we believe may be of interest to you and we believe this one deserves your attention.
We must keep up the fight to stop government run health care.

The Obama/Reid government run health care law uses our tax dollars to pay for abortions, will cause health care premiums to rise by as much as 13% according to the Congressional Budget Office, limit employers' ability to create new jobs, and provides the IRS $10 billion for 16,000 new IRS agents!   That's right. Harry Reid who thinks our economy is experiencing "robust growth" and thinks it's "really good" when "only 36,000 people" lose their jobs in America has just helped create a larger more intrusive IRS!

Make no mistake; Reid and Obama's big government health care bureaucracy is going to use our tax dollars for abortions. The charade of President Obama signing an executive order behind closed doors will not stop the largest expansion of abortion in America in decades.  Harry Reid's health care bill is already making it more difficult for employers to create new jobs. An American manufacturer has already announced that big government health care is going to cost them an additional $100 million in the first year.

The Democrats in Congress ignored the American people when we said we don't want their big government health care and they are ignoring us when we say that creating jobs and getting our economy going again should be the top priority.  Out-of-touch, Harry Reid has never worked in the private sector and he's never created a private sector job. Obama has already made two trips to Nevada to try and rescue the career of the man most responsible for forcing government run health care on us and he needs Harry Reid to continue implementing his far-left agenda.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, I will help lead the fight against using our tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Sincerely, Sue Lowden

As a state Senator and businesswoman, I have balanced budgets, made the tough decisions, and helped create thousands of jobs. Our campaign to kick Harry Reid out of office is making strong gains. If the election were held today, I would defeat Harry Reid by 13 points, 52% to 39%! But Election Day is months away and there is still plenty of time for Reid and his Washington allies to make good on their promise to "vaporize" me.

Fight back against Harry Reid and his Washington special interests with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more now.

With the critical FEC fundraising deadline on March 31st, we need your support urgently to show we have the resources to stand against his money machine. Harry Reid has spent his career doing favors for the Washington lobbyists, and now that he needs them to repay those favors, they are filling his campaign account with mountains of money. I know that together we will stand and fight against their continuing efforts for a larger more intrusive government. Thank you for your patriotism and continued support of the cause of freedom.

Sincerely, Sue Lowden

P.S. Harry Reid's campaign team, the media, and the National Democrat Party will go through our 1st Quarter FEC report with a fine-toothed comb, looking for any signs of weakness they can use against us. This report is due on Wednesday, so I'm asking you for immediate action.
Can I count on you to rush one urgent gift of $50, $100, $250 to my campaign? I would not ask if this report wasn't so critically important to defeating Harry Reid this November. Please let me hear from you soon! Thanks again for everything. -- Sue
Sue Lowden for US Senate
Paid for by Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate

o'satire - "Why I voted Democrat."

From: hh Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hope you all have a keen sense of humor when you read this.
Why I voted Democrat.....

I voted Democrat because 
I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. 
I've decided to marry my horse. 

I voted Democrat because 
I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't. 

I voted Democrat because 
I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would. 

I voted Democrat because 
Freedom of speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it. 

I voted Democrat because 
When we pull out of Iraq I trust that the bad guys will stop what they are doing because they now think we are good people. 

I voted Democrat because 
I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves. 

I voted Democrat because 
I believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Prius. 

I voted Democrat because 
I'm not concerned about the slaughter of millions of babies so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

I voted Democrat because 
I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits. 

I voted Democrat because 
I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the democrats see fit. 

I voted Democrat because 
I believe liberal judges need to rewrite The Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would never get their agendas past the voters. 

I voted Democrat because
My head is so firmly planted up my derriere that it is unlikely I'll ever have another point of view.

reposted on Harrold's blog at

values - Traditional Irish Blessing & One Simple Carpenter (videos)

From: hh Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010 Subject: Traditional Irish blessing

Make sure your speakers are turned on.

Click on:  Irish Blessing
Then sit back, take a deep breath, relax and click on Start!  Save "The Story of The Carpenter Who changed the World,"  for your Easter blessing,   and follow it with "God's Love Letter to You."    And, after you enjoy them, share them with     others by forwarding these beautiful messages.

 This inspiring Irish Blessing is for everyone who needs comfort and hope. This video can be watched and downloaded in full resolution at
One Simple Carpenter video source:

Thank God for Barak Obama!

From: hh  Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010

That's right - I will say it THANK GOD FOR BARAK OBAMA


 He destroyed the Clinton Political Machine - Driving a stake thru the heart of Hillary's Presidential aspirations - something no Republican was ever able to do.  Remember when a Hillary Presidency scared the daylights out of you!

 He killed off the Kennedy Dynasty - No more Kennedy's trolling Washington looking for booze and women wanting rides home.  American women and Freedom are safer tonight!

He is destroying the Democratic Party before our eyes!

                Dennis Moore had never lost a race - quit

                Evan Bayh had never lost a race - quit

                Byron Dorgan - had never lost a race - quit

                Harry Reed - Soon to be GONE

These are just a handful of the Democrats that whose political careers Obama has destroyed!  By the end of 2010 dozens more will be!

In December of 2008 the Democrats were on the rise.   In the last two election cycles they had picked up 14 senate seats and 52 house seats.  The press was touting the death of the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party.

In one year Obama put a stop to all of this and will probably give the house, if not the senate back to the Republicans.

He has completely exposed liberals and progressives for what they are.  Every Generation seems to need to relearn the lesson on why they should never actually put liberals in charge.  He is bringing home the lesson very well!

                Liberals tax, borrow and spend - check

                Liberals won't bring themselves to protect America - check

                Liberals want to take over the economy - check

                Liberals think they know what is best for everyone - check

                Liberals aren't happy till they are running YOUR life - check

 He has brought more Americans back to conservatism than anyone since Reagan.

In One year he rejuvenated the Conservative movement and brought out to the streets millions of Freedom Loving Americans.

Name me one other time in your life that you saw your friends and neighbors this interested in taking back America !

 In all honesty one year ago I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life.  Not of the economy but of the direction our country was going.  I thought Americans had forgotten what this country was all about.  My neighbors, friends, strangers proved to me that my lack of confidence of the Greatness and Wisdom of the American people was flat out wrong.  

When the American People wake up no smooth talking teleprompter reader can fool them!   Barak Obama woke up these Great Americans.

Again, I want say Thank you Barak Obama! 

NewsBusters - Ep. 3-35, March 30 (video)

video source:

George Will Schools Reich On Healthcare and Today's Liberalism |

article source, cite

George Will Schools Reich On Healthcare and Today's Liberalism |

Photo of Noel Sheppard.

For the second week in a row George Will gave a much-needed education to one of the media's most beloved liberal economists.

During the Roundtable segment of Sunday's "This Week," Berkeley professor Robert Reich falsely claimed health insurance companies are exhibiting huge profits: "That is money directly out of the pockets of Americans."

Will countered, "[C]onfiscate all the profits of all the health insurance companies, with those profits you could finance our healthcare for 48 hours."

Reich arrogantly responded, "[R]ecipients of health insurance don't know what they are buying very often. Until there are common standards, minimal standards, then people are going to be taken."

This nicely set Will up to drive the ball out of the park, "There you have the premise of this legislation and the core of today's liberalism: the American people are such dopes they can't be counted upon to buy their own insurance" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

ROBERT REICH, AMERICAN PROSPECT: The health insurers are not, George, you said they're popular and everybody likes their health insurer. They like their doctor. They hate their health insurer. And health insurance is going up in terms of rates 20, 30, 40, 50 percent in many states. In fact, Goldman Sachs just this past week has said to its many of its investors, "Invest in some insurance companies because they don't have competition, and they have, are exhibiting huge profits." That is money directly out of the pockets of Americans.
GEORGE WILL, ABC: A, you say they have huge profits. As you know, confiscate all the profits of all the health insurance companies, with those profits you could finance our healthcare for 48 hours. What you do for the next 363 days I don't know. Second, you say there's not enough competition? Fine, let them compete in a national market across state lines.
REICH: Yes, let them compete across state lines, fine. But not a race to the bottom. Set minimum federal standards because we've seen over and over again that the recipients of health insurance don't know what they are buying very often. Until there are common standards, minimal standards, then people are going to be taken. And that is what's happened over and over again.
WILL: There you have the premise of this legislation and the core of today's liberalism: the American people are such dopes they can't be counted upon to buy their own insurance.
For the record, as NewsBusters has previously reported, health insurance companies are amongst the least profitable of all America's industries. Here are 2008's rankings done by Fortune magazine:
2008 Industry Rank as % of Revenues
1 Network and Other Communications Equipment 20.4
2 Internet Services and Retailing 19.4
3 Pharmaceuticals 19.3
4 Medical Products and Equipment 16.3
5 Railroads 12.6
6 Financial Data Services 11.7
7 Mining, Crude-Oil production 11.5
8 Securities 10.7
9 Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 10.2
10 Scientific, Photographic, and Control Equipment 9.9
11 Household and Personal Products 8.7
12 Utilities: Gas and Electric 8.7
13 Aerospace and Defense 7.6
14 Food Services 7.1
15 Industrial Machinery 6.9
16 Food Consumer Products 6.7
17 Electronics, Electrical Equipment 6.5
18 Commercial Banks 5.2
19 Telecommunications 5.1
20 Chemicals 5.0
21 Construction and Farm Machinery 5.0
22 Insurance: Life, Health (stock) 4.6
23 Information Technology Services 4.5
24 Computers, Office Equipment 4.3
25 Metals 3.9
26 Wholesalers: Diversified 3.5
27 Insurance: Property and Casualty (stock) 3.3
28 Specialty Retailers 3.2
29 General Merchandisers 3.2
30 Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services 3.0
31 Packaging, Containers 3.0
32 Beverages 2.9
33 Engineering, Construction 2.7
34 Health Care: Medical Facilities 2.4
35 Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care 2.2
36 Petroleum Refining 2.1
37 Food and Drug Stores 1.5
38 Pipelines 1.5
39 Wholesalers: Health Care 1.3
40 Semiconductors and Other Electronic Components 1.0
41 Energy 0.9
42 Home Equipment, Furnishings 0.7
43 Food Production 0.6
44 Wholesalers: Electronics and Office Equipment -0.3
45 Diversified Financials -0.6
46 Motor Vehicles and Parts -0.7
47 Insurance: Life, Health (mutual) -3.0
48 Hotels, Casinos, Resorts -4.5
49 Automotive Retailing, Services -7.9
50 Forest and Paper Products -9.6
51 Entertainment -10.0
52 Real Estate -13.4
53 Airlines -13.5
So, in 2008, health insurers ranked 35th in profitability returning a meager 2.2 percent on revenues. What this means is that for every dollar health insurers brought in, they made 2.2 cents.

Sadly, for liberal media members like Reich, that's considered TOO MUCH! Nice job of Will to point out his inanity.

Of course, he'll probably be the next liberal economist in the media to win a Nobel Prize.  But for now, Reich was just the second media darling in eight days to go head to head with Will and lose.  For those that have forgotten, George smacked around New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on last Sunday's "This Week."

Who's next?

—Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters. Follow him at Facebookand Twitter.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Socialist Democrat Party - defined: A dichotomy of terms juxtaposed as oxymorons.

o'pet - Dog Treat (video, 1m28s)

From: drude Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010
originally posted on by kentuckygirl58 on July 24, 2009 "Opie is extremely picky about who he takes his treats from."

air pelosi - 'toon: Densest Element Discovered [redux]

From: thy Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010

Discovery Announcement ~ The densest element in the known Universe has been found!
Pelosium:   A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311. These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. The symbol of Pelosium is PU. Pelosium's mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass. When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates CNNadnausium, an element that radiates orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise, since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.

o'who? - billboard: You gotta love Colorado [redux]

From: thy Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 Subject: You gotta love Colorado

Here is the billboard that went up today in beautiful, sunny Grand Junction , CO

o'emperor - 'toons: Reconciliation the Tripartite Way!

From: burd Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010

"We Three Kings..."



driving? - Speed Traps

From: bebop Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Subject: Speed Traps
This is pretty cool, especially for those that travel a lot or for those that live in high traffic areas.  But even the small podunk towns have them as you probably know.  Check it out where you live and see what you think.
This is interesting. click on what ever state you want and then click on the city or town you want to view.
You can see them in the cities in the  U.S.  or  Canada . Very interesting.
I had no idea this was available to everyone. Do you know the speed traps in your hometown?

o'who? - We figured him out! (Ben Stein)

From: aerc1/by Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010

Why was President Barack Obama in such a hurry to get his socialized medicine bill passed?

Because he and his cunning circle realize some basic truths:

The American people in their unimaginable kindness and trust voted for a pig in a poke in 2008. They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith. They ignored his anti-white writings in his books. They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

They ignored his refusal to explain years at a time of his life as a student. They ignored his ultra-left record as a "community organizer,"   Illinois state legislator, and Senator.

The American people ignored his total zero of an academic record as a student and teacher, his complete lack of scholarship when he was being touted as a scholar.

Now, the American people are starting to wake up to the truth. Barack Obama is a super likeable super leftist, not a fan of this country, way, way too cozy with the terrorist leaders in the Middle East , way beyond naïveté, all the way into active destruction of our interests and our allies and our future. The American people have already awakened to the truth that the stimulus bill -- a great idea in theory -- was really an immense bribe to Democrat interest groups, and in no way an effort to help all Americans.

Now, Americans are waking up to the truth that ObamaCare basically means that every time you are sick or injured, you will have a clerk from the Department of Motor Vehicles telling your doctor what he can and cannot do.

The American people already know that Mr. Obama's plan to lower health costs while expanding coverage and bureaucracy is a myth, a promise of something that never was and never will be -- a bureaucracy lowering costs in a free society. Either the costs go up or the free society goes away.

These are perilous times.. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, has given Iran the go-ahead to have nuclear weapons, an unqualified betrayal of the nation. Now, we face a devastating loss of freedom at home in health care. It will be joined by controls on our lives to "protect us" from global warming, itself largely a fraud if believed to be caused by man.

Mr. Obama knows Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms. There is his urgency and our opportunity. Once freedom is lost,   America is lost. Wake up, beloved America.

It is amazing to me, the people who still believe in him.  He has done so much damage to this country and people are still ignorant enough to believe him.  He is an embarrassment to the American people.

They may have already ruined my country and yours. You must, as an American, FORWARD this to all, or you will wake up one morning and find that your freedoms no longer exist!

Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu . He writes "Ben Stein's Diary" for every issue of The American Spectator.

o'bamanation - Bumper Stickers & Great Cartoon...

o'bamanation - Billboards on I-70 in Missouri

From: lc Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010
 The "Show Me's" are getting ready!!!!  Thunder

And it all starts?..this is just the beginning
I would imagine that it's strategically located between Jefferson City and St. Louis and/or Jefferson City and Kansas City
This is the 1st One - source:

Hi Folks... how's this for a neat billboard on I-70!!!!  looks like things are heating up across this country... the 'sleeping giant' has started to awake!!  LOOK OUT!!!  the party on THE HILL is just about over!!!!!
Here's the new one. - source:

o'revenue netural - Morning Bell: $1 Billion AT&T Headache is Just Obamacare's First Side Effect

In the closing days of the Congressional health care debate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the National Association of Counties: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Today marks the end of just the first week of life under Obamacare and Speaker Pelosi has been proven right: we are just now finding out what is in it. This past Friday, AT&T, the biggest U.S. telephone company, announced that it would take a $1 billion charge against earnings thanks to tax changes buried in the 2,300+ page bill. $1 billion. That is a full third of AT&T's $3 billion earnings for the fourth quarter of 2009.

The tax charges stem from changes Obamacare makes to the tax treatment of prescription-drug benefits for retirees. Companies used to be able to deduct part of their costs for providing drug benefits to their retirees, but Obamacare cancels that deduction. Roland McDevitt, director of health care research at Towers Watson, tells the Wall Street Journal, they "have a stream of tax benefits they are losing way out in the future." Since companies had counted on these deductions for current and future retirees as an existing asset under the old law, accounting rules require firms to take the full loss for the change in the same quarter in which the tax law is changed. Hence Friday's announcement to inform shareholders that AT&T's bottom line was about to take a $1 billion hit.

AT&T's billion-dollar Obamacare headache is so large due to the size (281,000 employees) of the company. Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Chris Larsen tells Bloomberg: "Companies like AT&T, that have large employee bases, are going to have higher health-care costs and, therefore, lower earnings unless they can negotiate something or offer less to their employees." And changes to current and future retirees' health care seem to be exactly what will AT&T will do as a side effect of Obamacare. AT&T wrote in their Friday filing: "As a result of this legislation, including the additional tax burden, AT&T will be evaluating prospective changes to the active and retiree health-care benefits offered by the company."

And AT&T is not alone. Towers Watson estimates that just this tax change alone will eliminate $14 billion in U.S. corporate profits. That's $14 billion less American employers have to spend creating new jobs when our unemployment rate is still 9.7%. And AT&T is not the only company informing employees that Obamacare is going to mean worse care for them. Verizon Communications, the second biggest U.S. phone company, told employees last week that Obamacare "may have significant implications for both retirees and employers."

The Heritage Foundation will be keeping you apprised of all of the consequences of Obamacare as they are learned with our new Foundry feature "Side Effects." Already our health care experts have identified negative intended and unintended consequences from the legislation to children's health insurance and health insurance taxes.

The American people already do not like this law. But to repeal it, we must keep Americans educated about all of Obamacare's failures and offer our ?Second Opinion? on what conservative idea would fix it.

Print | Comments | Forward Heritage

Know anyone who shares your conservative values and principles and may want to receive the Heritage Foundation newsletters?  Please refer them to Heritage today!  Support our work by becoming a member with your gift of $25 or more.

o'amnesty - I know it is a year old, but it is still true

From: baja Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010 Subject: I know it is a year old, but it is still true
And people wonder why I carry. Like I always say, I am too young to die and too old to take an whuppin...  ;-)
Saturday, February 14, 2009

AZ: Phoenix Arizona Kidnapping Capital of US

At over 370 reported cases last year alone, Phoenix Arizona ranks 2nd in the World in the number of annual reported abductions, second only to Mexico City. Additionally, Mexico is considered by some to be on the brink of collapse:

. . . Mexican Drug Cartel (MDC´s) their gangs are kidnapping and killing citizens on both sides of the U.S. Mexican border. The kidnappings and killings of Americans should be providing an unexpected challenge to President Barack Obama's new government. In its latest report anticipating possible global security risks, the U.S. Joint Forces Command states that Mexico is at risk of a "rapid and sudden collapse." . . .

. . . In what officials caution is now a dangerous and even deadly crime wave, Phoenix, Arizona has become the kidnapping capital of America, with more incidents than any other city in the world outside of Mexico City and over 370 cases last year alone . . .

Arizona´s Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of the USA. Phoenix and Tucson police report over 400 kidnappings of Americans are being investigated and officials fear many more kidnappings and murders of Americans are already out of control.

An ABC News' investigation uncovered horrific cases of chopped-off hands, legs and heads when a victim's family doesn't pay up fast enough . . .

Some authorities admit privately that no one really knows how many Americans have been kidnapped here in the USA and taken to Mexico and how many were killed. Some of the kidnappings were for ransom, but most violence and killings were retaliation by the MDC´s.

"We're in the eye of the storm," Phoenix Police Chief Andy Anderson told ABC News of the violent crimes and ruthless tactics spurred by Mexican Drug Cartels that have expanded business across the border. "If it doesn't stop here, if we're not able to fix it here and get it turned around, it will go across the nation," he said . . .
Do you have guns & ammo? If so, good. You may one day suddenly find yourself in need of them. If you don't have any, you may want to get some, if you can find them. It is far better to have the tools of self defense and not need them, than to suddenly find yourself in great need of them & not have them.

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Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta.
Do me justice, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy.
- Psalms 43 KJV, 42 Douay Rheims

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"The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control."
E.W. Jackson (R-Va)

May 18, 2013
    Alan Keyes, "He must be stopped or the United States will cease to exist."..."We are in the midst of the greatest crisis this nation has ever seen...chaos, and civil alleged usurper...destroying our borders...infanticide...this is insanity...we are claiming that a bankrupt government can save a bankrupt banking system...this is insanity.." (19Feb09)    
Alan Keyes:
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Obamacare equals abortion and euthanasia
Ronald Reagan on We the people declare Independence from obama
"It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones."
-- Calvin Coolidge (1873-1933) 30th US President

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Badges? speaker gif  (89kb) Voice of: Alfonso Bedoya Evans Law of Inadequate Paranoia: "No matter how bad you think something is, when you look into it, it's always worse." -- M. Stanton Evans, author "Black Listed by History, The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy" (published 2007) source: Glenn Beck TV show, Th.24Jun10 interview ( of Occupy protesters arrested counter
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Now the U.S. Owes $175+ Trillion Dollars! (25Sep17) Up daily since o'tax'n spend was elected!

"The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."
-- Alexis de Tocqueville [Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clerel, le Comte de Tocqueville] (1805-1859) French historian
The U.S. Deficit in 2007 was $9,007,653,372,262.48
The federal government has accumulated more new debt -- $3.22 trillion ($3,220,103,625,307.29) — during the tenure of the 111th Congress than it did during the first 100 Congresses combined, according to official debt figures published by the U.S. Treasury." -- By Terence P. Jeffrey, (Read The Full Story)
Click Here for videos, graphs, movie & U.S. National Debt totals.
3 years ago: The Debt ~ $125T+! Then Obama:  Up $22T+ in only 3 years! $22T to $26T+ by 2015!  Since November 2011 to January 2013 he has added $2 Trillion to the deficit!  States' Unfunded: $3.2T+! • (Dec10) From Jan'09 the deficit: $10.2T→$14.6T up $4.3T/42%! -- Federal unfunded liabilities total $84 trillion .. equal to 5.7 percent of the present value of all future GDP, which translates into about 31 percent of the long run federal revenue estimate,” the report states.  “Thus federal revenues would have to rise immediately and permanently to 24.1 percent of GDP to cover the fiscal imbalance.” (source:
Federal obligations exceed world GDP! Is the US Gov't Bankrupt?Unfunded a myth?
Deficit: $ national debt Totals Source: http://www.usdebtclock.orgUnfunded Liabilities: $ 107,599,889,000,000 (25Sep17)
Many Americans actually pay $1 out of ever $2 earned to some form of tax while ~50% of people pay no taxes!  Do you pay your bills?  The Fed takes $3 in and spends $5.  Debt per citizen: $51,985 - Debt per taxpayer: $142,513! (13Dec12)
Also, see the blog videos below at
What were you doing in the last hour while the U.S. Gov't spent $188 Million Dollars of our money!  (Every Hour, Every Day!) (Apr11)   In 8 years, President Bush added $5 trillion to the national debt; President Obama, according to a revised Dec11 GAO report, added $4T+ to the U.S. deficit in 2011 alone!  The GAO estimates the deficit, including o'scamcare & mandates, may grow from $15T+ to over $26T+!  UPDATE: A little-noticed event occurred at approximately midnight on Monday, October 31, 2011.  The National Debt exceeded the GDP!  Imagine what these numbers are going to be now that Obama is reelected! (src)
A trillion seconds pass in 31,688 years.  At $1/sec it would take 41,194 years just to pay off o'tax'n spend's new Feb12-Feb13 added debt - 538,696 years to pay only the national debt or 4,404,632 years to settle the debt+unfunded liabilities!

"Over the last four years our national debt has risen nearly $6 trillion, and just last week the debt topped an astounding $16 trillion.  To put that in perspective, $16 trillion is enough money to fund the US military, along with the military of every NATO country combined… for the next sixteen years!  Government spending is projected to hit $3.8 trillion this year alone.  Even after every tax dollar paid by Americans has been counted, the government will still overspend by another $1.13 trillion.  Every single second of the day our government spends over $12,000.  So in the time it takes you to read this article, roughly five minutes, our government has spent $3.6 million.  It take four seconds for the government to spend what the average American earns in an entire year."  (source: by Tim Phillips 17Sep12 at
    "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.  They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." -- George Washington
"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." (Ecclesiastes 10:2)
Bishop Sheen Audio Library small animated speaker "For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise." [2 Cor 11:19] Psalm 109:8
"[W]e ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly, and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems, before they are capable of appreciating their own." -- George Washington, letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, 1795
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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
     It has been suggested that o'who?, the clown, and 'those who surround him' are not the bumbling fools they appear to be.  Nor are they one of the 'Three Stooges' but rather are shrewd implementation/drivers and fellow-travelers of policies designed to disarm the citizenry & collapse the American economy.  Why?  o'nocchio's grandiose scheme to "fundamentally transform America" is more than simple campaign rhetoric as can be seen by his use of "enabling acts" to circumvent the Constitution of the United States.  As Ollie used to say, "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."



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It's a race against time.

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence." -- Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948)

2nd, Founding, Traditional American Values, & ProLife Quotes:

Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." -- James Madison, The Federalist No. 51, Independent Journal, Wednesday, February 6, 1788
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When Men Were

When Men Were Men - "Scots Wha Hae" Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 Listen to the poem A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots Wha Hae"

Values:   "Scots Wha Hae"  1] poem lyrics..text of "Bruce before Bannockburn" also known as "Scots wha hae", written by Robert Burns
Robert Burns b.1759-d.1796, 8May1794, The Morning Chronicle)  1] "Supposed to be addressed by Bruce to his soldiers before the Battle of Bannockburn against Edward II."
Listen A Speaker GIF Image. to the poem "Scots Wha Hae" read by Doug Robertson [3m55s],  Music by Steve McDonald from 'Bannockburn' [Stone of Destiny]" (.mp3, 3.7MB)
• alternate A Speaker GIF Image. ScotWha2.ram Stream in Real Audio (rm, 3m55s) re [ Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn, Robert I, the Bruce (1274-1329) also know as Robert the Bruce, "The Hammer of the Scots" ] plus A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots, wha hae Wi' Wallace Bled," (midi, Scottish Songs) & .midi sequenced with lyrics [src] ***
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (bagpipes) by the 48th Highlanders of Canada (7MB, .mp3, 3m14s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae, bagpipes solo (1.3MB, .mp3, 1m22s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (2.7MB, .mp3, 3m4s; 'The Corries' ["Battle songs of Scotland", sung by Ronnie Browne solo] & A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae with pipes (4.3MB, .mp3, 4m29s)
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"As a nation we have been asleep for years.  Lulled by affluence and self-indulgent apathy, our collective awareness has grown dim.  This has created an opening for our enemies, one that may ultimately prove fatal.  This is the truth and what we do, or don't do, will determine the consequences, for better or worse.  It is time to decide." --
The Manhattan Declaration

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Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta, ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.
Do me justice, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy; rescue me from the deceitful and unjust man.
- Psalm 43 KJV, 42 Douay Rheims  (

There are certain universal truths.  There is right and wrong.  Life is, choice Isn't.  The 2nd Amendment is for you and me, not the government.

"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness.  And, the weak are always beaten."  ~~ Vladimir Putin

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - George Orwell on a BBC broadcast, April 4, 1942

"An armed society is a polite society." -- Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) American writer

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