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"It is a principle incorporated into the settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute."
-- James Madison (letter to the [Muslim] Dey of Algiers, August 1816) Reference: Madison, III, page 17
"The sun hangs low on the horizon." -- GB (2009)
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

American Exceptionalism - Threatened (Ezra Taft Benson, video 9m5s)

Vote for Principles over Party, Politics and Pocketbook.
-- Ezra Taft Benson
video source: (9m5s)
Uploaded to Youtube by on Oct 20, 2008
    "Now, I am not caring today, for myself, anything at all about a political party tag.  So far as I am concerned, I want to know what the man stands for ...When I find out these things, when I know who it is who should receive my support, and I care not what his party tag is... Today, our duty transcends party allegiance; our duty today is allegiance to the Constitution as it was given to us by the Lord.  (J. Reuben Clark, Jr., CR 10/62:8)
     We must be devoted to sound principles in word and deed: principle above party, principle above pocketbook, principle above popularity.  [Ezra Taft Benson - God, Family, Country]
     "We engage in the election the same as in any other principle; you are to vote for good men, and if you do not do this it is a sin; to vote for wicked men, it would be sin.  Choose the good and refuse the evil.  Men of false principles have preyed upon us like wolves upon helpless lambs.  Let every man use his liberties according to the Constitution.  Do not fear man or devil; electioneer with all people, male and female, and exhort them to do the thing that is right.  We want a President of the United States, not a party President, but a President of the whole peopleand.  Have a President who will maintain every man in his rights."  (Hyrum Smith, 1844, DHC-6:323)
     No nation which has kept the commandments of God has ever perished, but I say to you that once freedom is lost, only blood—human blood—will win it back.
     There are some things we can and must do at once if we are to stave off a holocaust of destruction.
     First: We must return to worship the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ...
     Second: We must awaken to a sense of [our] awful situation, because of this secret combination which [is] among [us] (Ether 8:24)...
     Then we must put our trust in Him who has promised us His protection — and pray that He will intervene to preserve our freedom just as He intervened in our obtaining it in the first place.
     Third: We must do as the Lord commanded us by revelation in 1833: Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil.  (D&C 98:10).
     Last: We must study the inspired Constitution and become involved in the political process ourselves...
     I fully believe that we can turn things around in America if we have the determination, the morality, the patriotism, and the spirituality to do so.
     My single-minded concern is for the freedom and welfare of my countrymen and my posterity, the freedom of all men.
     I testify to you that Gods hand has been in our destiny.  I testify that freedom as we know it today is being threatened as never before in our history.  I further witness that this land — the Americas — must be protected, its Constitution upheld, for this is a land foreordained to be the Zion of our God.  He expects us as members of the Church and bearers of His priesthood to do all we can to preserve our liberty.
     May God bless us that, with His help, we will not fail to bring to pass His purposes on earth.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

o'mystery - Dinesh D'Souza video: Obama & 2016 (14m10s)

From: lc/rapa Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 Subject: Indian Produces Summer Movie About Obama
     The film is produced by the producer of "Brave Heart", "Schindler's List", "Jurassic Park". Coming this summer, title "2016".  Listen to Dinesh D'Souza well educated and well researched.  Don't turn a blind eye to the educated truth's.  If you don't believe some of it, or all of it, then you have to prove him wrong.
     An extremely important movie is coming this summer - Dinesh D'Souza - "Obama & 2016".
     Dinesh D'Souza is author of many New York Times best sellers.  The movie is from Gerald R. Molen, producer of Academy Award Winning Schindler's List.
     It explains in plain language who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being reelected for another four years.
     Watch this short informative video preview of this movie which came out only yesterday and share it with others.   It has already been seen by over 18,000 people.  Within a very short time it will have been seen by millions!
Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor of Lousiana Introduces Dinesh D'Souza and the movie: "Obama & 2016".

Uploaded to Youtube by on Feb 12, 2012

1984 - Barcoding Babies?

'tis afoot. -- rfh
From: Godfather Politics  Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012  Subject: Is This the Civil War Obama's Looking For?
Barcoding Babies?
posted on Godfather Politics on by
barcoding babies    We've all heard talk about microchips being injected into people's arms that would contain identification and even banking information.  Some people have advocated using microchips to help protect children.  These chips would not only contain identification, but it could also contain a GPS that would help track a child who goes missing or is abducted.
    I've heard arguments saying that people are doing it to the pets to help protect them, why not do it to humans for the same purpose?
    Recently, author Elizabeth Moon was asked what radical or inspiring thing she would do to help change the world.  Moon, a science fiction writer who won the Nebula Award in 2003 for her book, The Speed of Dark, said that she would start barcoding all babies at birth.
    Moon claimed that using a universal barcoding that was somehow imprinted or permanently attached such as a microchip, would provide instant identification of everyone.  She tried to explain,
   "If I were empress of the Universe I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached – a barcode if you will; an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals."
    "It would be imprinted on everyone at birth. Point the scanner at someone and there it is."
    "Having such a unique barcode would have many advantages. In war soldiers could easily differentiate legitimate targets in a population from non combatants."
    "This could prevent mistakes in identity, mistakes that result in the deaths of innocent bystanders. Weapons systems would record the code of the use, identifying how[sic] fired which shot and leading to more accountability in the field."
    "Anonymity would be impossible as would mistaken identity, making it easier to place responsibility accurately, not only in war but also in non-combat situations far from the war."
    Although Moon has served in the US Marine Corp in the late 1960's, I have to wonder if she understood what was really happening in Viet Nam at the time.  US military personnel were often ambushed by civilians who were sympathetic to the Viet Cong.  Often it was impossible to distinguish between combatants and civilians and I don't think having a barcode imprinted microchip would have made any difference.
    The same thing applies today in the Middle East.  Insurgents and civilians often dress the same and act the same until they suddenly pull out a weapon and open fire.  Even if they were barcoded, who is going to program the information into the world databank to indicate this person to be a terrorist and this one an innocent civilian?
    Many Christians view any kind of barcoding or microchipping people as the mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13:17.  They will resist succumbing to this if it ever does happen.  How do you feel about such an identification program and would you willingly submit to it?  I know I wouldn't.

Rise of the State - Has Illinois Become A Police State? (Now it is bee hives!)

From: Off The Grid News  Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 Subject: Has Illinois Become A Police State?
  A beekeeper of 58 years wants to know how an unelected state agency, which appears to answer to nobeehive comb one, can come in and destroy years of research, equipment, and bees without due process and even without a search warrant. Has recent loose interpretations of the Constitution and the power of the federal government spilled over into state governments, who now think they can act with impunity and shut down any business that happens to question an agency's validity, credentials, or findings? Is the era of big bully government upon us?
  Those are the questions in Illinois right now, and Terrence Ingram would like them answered. This organic beekeeper has been subjected to searches that he was unaware occurred, to inspectors and their illiteracy when it came to knowledge about bees, and to the destruction of years of research that he says proves that Roundup is a major factor in Colony Collapse Disorder. In addition, he had successfully bred a queen that appeared to be resistant to Round-up, having survived three summers and winters where other queens and colonies died.
  However, according to the Prairie Advocate, a newspaper in northwester Illinois, the most troubling aspect of all this was:
[T]he State Department of Agriculture came in and inspected their hives when they were not home and without due process, took their bees and hives. At the time of the theft the Ingram's [sic] had not yet had their day in court to prove that their hives did not have foulbrood. Ingram knew that the inspectors could not tell what they were seeing and had warned the Department that if any of them came back it would be considered a criminal trespass. Yet they came back when he was not home, stole his hives and ruined his 15 years of research.

"What was the value of that 3-year-old queen?" Ingram asked. "It could have been that she would have a resistant trait that we could expand into the whole bee culture to help them survive this Round-Up thing. How can you place a dollar value on that potential?"

Considering the fact that Ingram's queens, bees, and hives were taken off his property on March 14, rather than being "abated," as was the "requirement" stated in the notices from the IDofA, the dollar value of such a queen cannot be disregarded as a major motivation for such an act.
   Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram on today's Off the Grid Radio program as they discuss this latest atrocity of Illinois state government officials. Bill has personally done business with Terry since the early 80s, and this is a matter that strikes close to home. As Terry Ingram asked the Prairie Advocate, "Is Illinois a police state, where citizens do not have rights?"
   Unfortunately, it would appear so.
Click Here To Listen To The Interview Now!
Regards, The Off the Grid Radio TeamRegards, The Off the Grid Radio Team
Off The Grid News, 2200 IL Route 84, PO Box 518, Thomson, IL 61285, USA

observations: "We're Upside down."

o'bamanation's o'Marxist commiecrats like van Jones are doing whatever they can to 'fundamentally transform' America, his words, "top down, bottom up, inside out,"  by subverting the Constitution, disarming Americans, and instituting State managed socialist collectivism aided and abetted by the 'red diaper babies', fellow travelers, and RINOs in Congress.

Right then and right now,  movie or videovideostill picturessound or narration, take time to listen to these Americans:

 From: joeb Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 Subject: Upside down

Note: Most of the 'blue' underlines link to related source articles. -- rfh
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if...
  • A Muslim officer crying "Allah Akbar" while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed "Workplace Violence" while an American citizen boasting a Ron Paul bumper sticker is classified as a "Domestic Terrorist".
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • You can get arrested for expired tags on
  • your car but not for being in the country illegally.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if...
  • Your government believes that the best way to
  • eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend
  • trillions more of our money.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school
  • for calling his teacher "cute" but hosting a sexual
  • exploration or diversity class in grade school is
  • perfectly acceptable.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if.....
  • The Supreme Court of the United States can rule
  • that lower courts cannot display the 10
  • Commandments in their courtroom, while
  • sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Children are forcibly removed from parents who
  • appropriately discipline them while children of
  • "underprivileged" drug addicts are left to rot in
  • filth infested cesspools.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Hard work and success are rewarded with higher
  • taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy
  • behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks,
  • Medicaid and subsidized housing.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • The government's plan for getting people back to
  • work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment
  • checks (to not work.)
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to
  • the government.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Politicians think that stripping away the amendments
  • to the constitution is really protecting the rights
  • of the people.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • The rights of the Government come before the
  • rights of the individual.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Parents believe the State is responsible for
  • providing for their children.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • You can write a post like this just by reading
  • the news headlines.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • You pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself
  • the newest big screen TV while your neighbor
  • defaults on his mortgage (while buying iphones,
  • TV's and new cars) and the government forgives
  • his debt and reduces his mortgage (with your
  • tax dollars).
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Your government can add anything they want to
  • your kid's water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) but you
  • are not allowed to give them raw milk.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself
  • makes you "safe".
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • You have to have your parents signature to go
  • on a school field trip but not to get an abortion.
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....
  • Using the "N" word is considered "hate speech"
  • but writing and signing songs about raping
  • women and killing cops is considered "art".
"In GOD We Trust"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sen. Rand Paul: "Disarm Feds"

Note the "Democrats'" vote at the bottom.  And, to think, when I was a kid working on the farm, if we had today's "Police State" I and my folks'n grandparents could've been arrested ...or worse, shot! -- rfh
Rand-Paul-FDA-AbuseFrom: Patriot Update  Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 Subject: Rand Paul Drops Bomb To Disarm Feds
Rand Paul Drops Bomb To Disarm Feds, Before It's News
     Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is taking on the federal government once again, specifically the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  On Wednesday Sen. Paul introduced an amendment to a FDA funding bill that would disarm the FDA and would achieve several other goals.
Paul began his statement to the Senate,
"I'm troubled by images of armed agents raiding Amish farms and preventing them selling milk directly from the cow.  I think we have bigger problems in our country than sending armed FDA agents into peaceful farmers' land and telling them they can't sell milk directly from the cow."
     It seems his primary concern is over the federal government regulating the food industry from start to finish.  One of the issues concerns unpasteurized milk, which is more healthy for you than, the stuff you get in the store, and it tastes better too.  The federal government forbids it in interstate commerce.  They think raw milk is a weapon of some sorts and farmers are the new terrorists.
Watch this video of his amendment proposal: (6m31s)

     Paul said that the first provision of the amendment would stop, "overzealous regulation of vitamins, food and supplements by codifying the First Amendment prohibition on prior restraint."
     "The First Amendment says you can't prevent speech, even commercial speech, in advance of the speech. You can't tell Cheerios that they can't say there's a health benefit to their Cheerios.  Under our current FDA laws, FDA says if you want to market prune juice, you can't say that it cures constipation," he said.
     "Despite four court orders condemning the practice as a violation of the First Amendment, the FDA continues to suppress consumers' rights to be informed and to make informed choices."
     In regards to Rand Paul's efforts to disarm the FDA, he said, "Historically the criminal law was intended to punish only the most horrible offenses that everyone agreed were inherently wrong or evil, offenses like rape, murder, theft, arson - but now we've basically federalized thousands of activities and called them crimes.  If bureaucrats need to involve the police, let's have them use the FBI, but I see no reason to have the FDA carrying weapons."
     Paul gives the American people a glimpse into just how big the federal government has become.  He said that the Constitution only cites four federal crimes, however today "it's estimated there are over 4,000, but no one has an exact number."
     "We've gone too far, and we've abrogated the First Amendment, and what we need to do is tell the FDA that the courts have ruled that the First Amendment does apply to commercial speech, and the FDA has been overstepping their bounds," he said. said that the amendment to the FDA funding bill, would disarm the FDA and make the agency stop using guns against the American people; it would halt the FDA's armed raids on raw milk farmers; it would also stop the FDA's outrageous and longstanding censorship of truthful health claims of dietary supplements and medicinal herbs.
This is a big deal.  While it may not pass, given its sudden introduction and lack of enough time to build grassroots support, the very fact that U.S. Senator Rand Paul has introduced such an amendment is proof positive that Rand Paul is exactly the kind of leader that can help take our nation out of the age of government tyranny and censorship and into a new era of transparency, accountability and liberty.  Ending the FDA's unconstitutional censorship of truthful health claims could, without question, help prevent disease and greatly reduce the out-of-control health care costs that are bankrupting America.
     Sadly, our Senate does not value the Constitution or the freedom of Americans and rejected the amendment by a vote of 78-15.  All Democrats were in favor of keeping the FDA armed and against freedom.

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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
     It has been suggested that o'who?, the clown, and 'those who surround him' are not the bumbling fools they appear to be.  Nor are they one of the 'Three Stooges' but rather are shrewd implementation/drivers and fellow-travelers of policies designed to disarm the citizenry & collapse the American economy.  Why?  o'nocchio's grandiose scheme to "fundamentally transform America" is more than simple campaign rhetoric as can be seen by his use of "enabling acts" to circumvent the Constitution of the United States.  As Ollie used to say, "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."



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It's a race against time.

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence." -- Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948)

2nd, Founding, Traditional American Values, & ProLife Quotes:

Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary." -- James Madison, The Federalist No. 51, Independent Journal, Wednesday, February 6, 1788
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When Men Were

When Men Were Men - "Scots Wha Hae" Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 Listen to the poem A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots Wha Hae"

Values:   "Scots Wha Hae"  1] poem lyrics..text of "Bruce before Bannockburn" also known as "Scots wha hae", written by Robert Burns
Robert Burns b.1759-d.1796, 8May1794, The Morning Chronicle)  1] "Supposed to be addressed by Bruce to his soldiers before the Battle of Bannockburn against Edward II."
Listen A Speaker GIF Image. to the poem "Scots Wha Hae" read by Doug Robertson [3m55s],  Music by Steve McDonald from 'Bannockburn' [Stone of Destiny]" (.mp3, 3.7MB)
• alternate A Speaker GIF Image. ScotWha2.ram Stream in Real Audio (rm, 3m55s) re [ Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn, Robert I, the Bruce (1274-1329) also know as Robert the Bruce, "The Hammer of the Scots" ] plus A Speaker GIF Image. "Scots, wha hae Wi' Wallace Bled," (midi, Scottish Songs) & .midi sequenced with lyrics [src] ***
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (bagpipes) by the 48th Highlanders of Canada (7MB, .mp3, 3m14s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae, bagpipes solo (1.3MB, .mp3, 1m22s)
and A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae (2.7MB, .mp3, 3m4s; 'The Corries' ["Battle songs of Scotland", sung by Ronnie Browne solo] & A Speaker GIF Image. Scots Wha Hae with pipes (4.3MB, .mp3, 4m29s)
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"As a nation we have been asleep for years.  Lulled by affluence and self-indulgent apathy, our collective awareness has grown dim.  This has created an opening for our enemies, one that may ultimately prove fatal.  This is the truth and what we do, or don't do, will determine the consequences, for better or worse.  It is time to decide." --
The Manhattan Declaration

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Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta, ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.
Do me justice, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy; rescue me from the deceitful and unjust man.
- Psalm 43 KJV, 42 Douay Rheims  (

There are certain universal truths.  There is right and wrong.  Life is, choice Isn't.  The 2nd Amendment is for you and me, not the government.

"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness.  And, the weak are always beaten."  ~~ Vladimir Putin

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - George Orwell on a BBC broadcast, April 4, 1942

"An armed society is a polite society." -- Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) American writer

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